Why Anonymous?

ab-with-light-bulb1I’ve been a business banker for over twenty years and I’ve loved my work.   I am dedicated to serving my employer but I am also an advocate for  my clients.   I  help my clients navigate their way through the world of banking and finance and act as an advisor  with regard to lending, account and cash management products and services,  and generally any category that relates to their business.  I’ve made start-up small business loans and nurtured some of these borrowers and their companies through years of healthy growth.  And I’ve stuck by them when times were lean and hard and helped them through those times too!  

The bank I work for today, and those I’ve worked for in the past, would be considered “Big Banks”.   I’ve been a credit underwriter for fifteen years.  I’ve lived through many changes in the industry and in our economy.  But it is over the last ten years, or so, that I’ve been terribly disturbed by the direction the banking industry has taken.  My warnings to senior management, over this time,  fell on deaf ears.  My outrage has finally gotten the better of me and I’m expressing that outrage as the Anonymous Banker and through my call  for support for the Perc-up  initiative for change. 

While there is a part of me that feels like a traitor, the fact of the matter is that, in addition to being a banker, I am also a citizen of the United States.   And as a citizen, I have a right and an obligation to speak-up and speak-out against my industry when their actions threaten to bring about the economic ruin of our nation.  My mistake is that I didn’t publicly speak-out sooner.  I regret that I did not.

Some of you will feel that my anonymity makes me a coward, and perhaps worse, a traitor.  Others will understand that I still need to work.   Regardless of how you view me, I hope that the information and ideas shared through this site will be useful, enlightening and perhaps will inspire you to speak-out too.

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