Anonymous Banker: Small Business takes it on the chin from our Congressional Leaders and Regulators

I recently posted a blog saying that our Congressional leaders and regulators needed to redefine the term small business.   Over the next weeks, I’ll be following up with more blogs on that theme.  Here’s my first:

Our President, Treasury Secretary Geithner and our Congressional leaders have all, during the course of this economic crisis, blathered on about their commitment to small business.  For once, I’d like to see them put their laws and regulations where their mouths are.

Congress passed consumer credit card regulations designed to stop deceptive practices in credit card lending.  Yet Congress intentionally left  out all business credit cards that can be peddled to the 26 MILLION small business owners across the United States. One can only assume that this means that it’s still okay for the banks to be deceptive when issuing credit cards to these valued members of society that are the backbone to our economic recovery.   And banks certainly will…. I promise you that.

Let’s remember, that banks do not issue business credit cards without the support of personal guarantees of the small business owners, who I might add could also be referred to as ‘consumers’.   

Well, let me correct that.  Many banks do issue “Commercial Credit Cards”, which should not be confused with “Small Business Credit Cards”.  Commercial Credit Cards are reserved for corporations with revenue typically in excess of $2 Million dollars, and then, only if the entity isn’t privately owned and operated.  Commercial Credit cards are reserved for businesses like not-for-profit corporations, where personal guarantees would not be available since there is not direct private ownership.  But if a personal guarantee is available from the business owner, the banks take it. 

The banks themselves differentiate a “Commercial Credit Card” from a “Small Business Credit Card”, so WHY aren’t our Congressional leaders doing the same? 

Probably because they don’t really have any interest in protecting the small business owner and just like to hear themselves talk.

I dare Congress to prove me wrong and amend the new protective credit card laws to include Small Business credit cards.  Till then, I will continue to advise all my small business customers NOT to apply for any small business credit cards, but to apply instead for a consumer credit card and use that card only for business expenses.  It does not change the deductibility of the expenses.  And, at least then, the business owner will get the benefit of the new protective regulations when they go into effect next year.

On the question of direct personal liability vs. personal guarantee:  You can’t be half pregnant, my friend.

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