The Birth of the Anonymous Banker

Blame Joe Nocera!!!!!! He introduced me to the world of blogging and the power of sharing ideas and information over the internet. And like Joe, well, I have things I’d like to say about banking, the state of the economy, the regulations and the regulators, and the bailout. I have banking tips I’d like to share that perhaps will give you an edge when you deal with the banks and the bankers.

But more than that, I believe that people can actually make a difference. I’ve created this blog, so that consumers, business owners and bankers can come together and share information and ideas that might help us all through these difficult times.

And last, but not least, I’m hoping the Anonymous Banker will be able to bring together the power of the people in a call to our Congressional leaders for much needed change in the credit card industry.

perc-up header

Click on the picture above to read about our “Citizens’ Initiative” to promote change in Credit Card laws and other legislation that will contribute to our nation’s economic recovery. Together, we CAN make a difference!!!!!

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