Percolate-Up Theory of Economics: Join our initiative and be heard

Read More about PERC-UP

Read More about PERC-UP is sponsoring a Citizens’ initiative to urge our Congressional leaders to enact immediate legislation that will enable the people to rehabilitate our economy:  One Household at a Time  →  One Community at a Time    One State at a Time .   Ultimately, the benefits will PERCOLATE-UP throughout our country.

More than two-thirds of our country’s economic activity comes from consumer spending.  It follows, then, that relief provided to the people of this country will percolate up through our economy and help lead us out of this national crisis.

Current initiatives are based on the trickle-down theory of economics, a form of political rhetoric that supports the belief that if the government pours billions of dollars into the financial industries, it will indirectly benefit the broad population. Clearly, this direction is not working.

We all have our stories to tell.  It might be about your personal experiences with unfair and deceptive credit card practices.  Or perhaps you are a business owner whose credit lines have been slashed.  Maybe you are a retired person who just can’t make it through each month because you’ve lost your investment income.  This is the place for all of us to come together and tell our leaders what’s happening down here in the trenches. 

On President Obama’s pre-inaugural website,, our leader expresses his belief in the power of the people.  “Economy – Of the people, By the People.  There is no more important resource for changing the direction of this country and defining the ideas that will transform America than the American people.  Tell us your ideas and be part of the change you are looking for.”

I hope you will visit the site and share it.  Like President Obama, I believe in this country.  And I believe that together we CAN make a difference!

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