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Anonymous Banker’s Call to Action for Small Business Owners

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I’ve been a small business advocate for thirty years.  About a year ago, I brought up the Perc-up.Org  site in an attempt to gather people in support of needed changes in credit card laws.  My site didn’t have much of an impact.  But in the end, credit card reform DID get enacted.

When our congressional leaders passed the regulations inhibiting banks from deceptive credit card practices, they abandoned the Small Business Owner.  In fact, despite all their rhetoric, nothing has been done to provide any assistance to this group that drives our nation’s economy.  SBA plans, be damned.  They reach so few and are handed out by the very banks that have turned their backs on Small Business customers.

The Perc-up site encouraged the people of this nation to write to their Congressional Leaders and provided the links to do so.  I personally wrote several letters to various Congressional leaders and received back boiler-plate emails, completely unresponsive to my queries.

Therefore, I recommend that we all attack this from another direction.  Call your Congressman’s office and request a face to face meeting to discuss your issues.  Bring your credit card statements with you.  Make them take note of the financial hardship you are enduring due to the banks unrelenting increases in credit card rates.  Vocalize your support for new legislation that will set a national usury rate.

Each day I encounter consumers and business owners that had been able to keep current on their revolving debt.  But with each rate increase in the midst of declining revenues, brought about by this economic crisis CREATED BY THE BANKING INDUSTRY, more and more consumers and business owners are falling behind.  The rate increases are a self-fullfilling prophesy.  The banks say they need an increase in rates to help offset the increase in credit card losses.  I say, the increase in rates is CAUSING a good portion of the credit card losses.  Yes, the banks need to recapitalize; for without a banking system, this country’s economy is doomed.  But we have supported every plan to help banks recapitalize as reflected in our nation’s debt which ultimately translates into debt that each American must bear.  In the matter of credit card interest rates, the banking industy must relent and they will never do so on their own.

The Perc-up site was meant to be inspiring.  I wanted to give the people of this nation a sense that if we all worked together towards a common goal that we COULD make a difference.  Our government is counting on our complacency on this issue.  Let’s show them that they are wrong.  Take some action -  ANY ACTION.  Call your congressional leader’s office, set up a meeting, send an email, send an email every day, mail them a letter with copies of your credit card statements (black out your account number please), and if you are a group with perhaps a Ralph Nader’s influence: organize a March on Washington in support of usury laws.

We all must DO something.  My Mom used to say:  If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain.  (Actually, she was more colorful in her words).        

I say:  If you take no action, then you lose your right to complain.

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Percolate-Up Theory of Economics: Join our initiative and be heard

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
Read More about PERC-UP

Read More about PERC-UP is sponsoring a Citizens’ initiative to urge our Congressional leaders to enact immediate legislation that will enable the people to rehabilitate our economy:  One Household at a Time  →  One Community at a Time    One State at a Time .   Ultimately, the benefits will PERCOLATE-UP throughout our country.

More than two-thirds of our country’s economic activity comes from consumer spending.  It follows, then, that relief provided to the people of this country will percolate up through our economy and help lead us out of this national crisis.

Current initiatives are based on the trickle-down theory of economics, a form of political rhetoric that supports the belief that if the government pours billions of dollars into the financial industries, it will indirectly benefit the broad population. Clearly, this direction is not working.

We all have our stories to tell.  It might be about your personal experiences with unfair and deceptive credit card practices.  Or perhaps you are a business owner whose credit lines have been slashed.  Maybe you are a retired person who just can’t make it through each month because you’ve lost your investment income.  This is the place for all of us to come together and tell our leaders what’s happening down here in the trenches. 

On President Obama’s pre-inaugural website,, our leader expresses his belief in the power of the people.  “Economy – Of the people, By the People.  There is no more important resource for changing the direction of this country and defining the ideas that will transform America than the American people.  Tell us your ideas and be part of the change you are looking for.”

I hope you will visit the site and share it.  Like President Obama, I believe in this country.  And I believe that together we CAN make a difference!

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The Birth of the Anonymous Banker

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Blame Joe Nocera!!!!!! He introduced me to the world of blogging and the power of sharing ideas and information over the internet. And like Joe, well, I have things I’d like to say about banking, the state of the economy, the regulations and the regulators, and the bailout. I have banking tips I’d like to share that perhaps will give you an edge when you deal with the banks and the bankers.

But more than that, I believe that people can actually make a difference. I’ve created this blog, so that consumers, business owners and bankers can come together and share information and ideas that might help us all through these difficult times.

And last, but not least, I’m hoping the Anonymous Banker will be able to bring together the power of the people in a call to our Congressional leaders for much needed change in the credit card industry.

perc-up header

Click on the picture above to read about our “Citizens’ Initiative” to promote change in Credit Card laws and other legislation that will contribute to our nation’s economic recovery. Together, we CAN make a difference!!!!!

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